2017 events


••• THURSDAY 21st September, 2017- International Peace Day

On THURSDAY 21st September, join CELEBRATE LIFE EVENTS for an evening of film and music at Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews, Stanthorpe Rd, Streatham, London SW16 2BF. Doors open 7pm – Bar and Food available. Film runs 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Evening ends 10pm. FREE entry.

A screening of the award-winning documentary ‘INSIDE PEACE’ followed by a Q&A session. Live acoustic music by special guests.

This powerful documentary film follows the lives of four inmates doing hard time in a Texas prison as they embark on a journey of personal discovery. The film follows them on their release as they try and integrate back into society and make choices that will keep them out of prison.

There will be a chance for Q&A and music by Dani Cali and Marcina Arnold.

Celebrate Life Events are always hugely popular and there is limited space available. Please book in advance via www.celebrate-life.co.uk


••• FRIDAY 22nd September, 2017

On FRIDAY 22nd September enjoy KIDS & FAMILY ACTIVITIES by BETTER and Melonie Syrett at The Stables,White Lion, 232 Streatham High Rd, SW16 1BB. 3.30pm-5.30pm. FREE entry.

Drumming with Melonie: come and enjoy a family singing and drumming session – full of joyful, funny and heart centered songs and building percussive rhythms. No experience necessary – just come along for fun. Bring your own percussion or borrow Melonie’s.


••• SATURDAY 23rd September, 2017

Meditation & Breath with Martine

On SATURDAY 23rd September join our CHILL OUT WORKSHOPS at Gracefield Gardens Health Centre, 2 – 8 Gracefield Gardens, SW16 2ST. 11am – 4pm. FREE entry.

Bring Peace to your body, soul & spirit by attending a range of well-being workshops including, massage, mindful meditation, yoga and reflexology. We start with a Sound Bath: experience deep relaxation and individual healing as you are bathed in the sound of gongs, drums, singing bowls and more. Bring along a mat, pillow and blanket for comfort. Plus…

• Leisure activities provided by BETTER

• Various well-being stalls

• Refreshments served by Morley College.

Workshop Timings: (plus scroll down for more details):

Workshop Room

11am Melonie Syrett – Sound Bath

12pm Martine Burke – Mindfulness 

1pm Jimi Sayo – Havening

2pm Maya Fotiou – Meditation

3pm Jacqui Moses – 3Principles Peace

Mother & baby area  

1pm Morley College – Yoga

2pm Morley College – Yoga

3pm Jimi – Sugar Diet


12 Face-painting

1p – 3pm Arts & Crafts

Emoto Peace Project

Tea Area:

Morley College






Emoto Peace Project

•  The Emoto Peace Project Courtyard – educating about the truths and power of human thoughts, words and prayer revealed in water vibes. The surface of this planet earth is 70% water, and we human beings are also 70% water. We are mostly water. So, it is very essential that all children learn about water. Through THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, Children will learn that we reflect our self in water and in our surroundings. An attitude of Love and Gratitude can change us and so the entire world will be a sustainable and beautiful place for all beings. For children age 3-12yrs.



11am –

Maya – Healing with Nature


2pm in Workshop Room: Maya – Healing with Nature: A universal alternative approach for health and wellbeing using sound, breathwork and (self-) massage to detoxify the vital organs

Maya is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and initiated Curandera (Healer) who offers shamanic healing, reiki, clinical hypnotherapy and chi nei tsang abdominal massage.

In this workshop, Maya provides a holistic map of the direct relationship between our emotions, thought patterns and vital organs/ physical body; and offers a short meditation and self care techniques to relax, recharge and rebalance connecting with the healing power of Mother Nature that is available around us at all times.

Jimi Sayo – Reduce your sugar

3pm in Mother & Baby area: Jimi Sayo – Reduce Your Sugar To Increase Your Inner Peace

The talk is to highlight the role sugar plays in sustaining anxiety, depression and other mood states.  The talk will highlight the different types of sugar, hidden sugars in foods we eat, the brain’s relationship with sugar, and a strategy for reducing sugar cravings. Reducing sugar can not only help us to manage our weight and our health but also to increase inner peace!

Suitable for children able to sit quietly and listen but may bore children under 8 as parts of it will get a bit technical.

1pm – Workshop Room – Jimi Sayo – Havening Touch Demonstration Workshop

The world really needs peace right now.  The good news is that we as individuals can very quickly achieve a peaceful state in a matter of moments, and learn how to share this skill with our children, partners, friends, and even co-workers.  It’s like discovering your own personal safe haven, and is accessed through Havening Touch (TM).

Jimi Sayo is a Streatham based hypnotherapist and Streatham’s first Certified Havening Practitioner.  She works with clients to help them resolve past traumatic experiences, and also to help them overcome fears about their future.

Jimi will be holding a work-shop demo of Havening Touch in practice, teaching those present how to apply it to themselves and to those close to them.  Havening Touch reprogrammes the limbic system of the brain, particularly the amygdala, to replace fear and hyper-alertness with a more resourceful calm.

Jacquie Moses – Peace: finding it and making it

3pm in Workshop Room:  Jacquie Moses – Peace – finding it and making it

We all want more peace and ease in life. And most of us have areas of our life where we’d like to live more lovingly and peacefully with others. Join Jacquie as she shares real life stories and explores what peace really is, how we can have more of it now (not someday) and how we can experience peace with others even if they don’t change.

Jacquie Moses is passionate about helping people and communities uncover the principles behind our innate mental wellbeing, wisdom and peace.

••• PLUS…PEACE ASSEMBLIES at local primary schools. We are delighted to partner with local schools for a special Peace-themed assembly. Please note: the school events are not open to the public.