A Peaceful Body

Shobhika Moreau

Body psychotherapist Shobhika Moreau shares an allegorical view of life viewed through The Body:

A Peaceful Body, A Peaceful Life, A Peaceful World

My body is an instrument of love, birthed from the source of creation, and through love I am connected to all beings of the earth.

My body’s journey has been one of pain and suffering for in being born I inherited a world that denied my purity.   They told me I was separate from others, disconnected from the source and as a young impressionable soul I believed this and took on ancestral pains and life experiences that confirmed my sense of worthlessness.

I was at war with myself and at war with the world.  Peace was a dream I aspired to but the only peace I knew were fleeting moments created from sensory experiences fed to me by a controlling world.
My body held negativities and false beliefs imposed upon me and I became burdened with illness, pain and disease that told a story I was afraid to listen to.

Thinking I was invincible I lived a hedonistic life in denial.  I was a slave to a fast paced world, ate wantonly, judged others, saw difference that held me in separation, and sought pleasure in material things with no lasting value.   My world was at war with itself because the hearts and minds of my fellow travellers on this journey of life were closed, their bodies debilitated and beaten down as much as mine.   And everywhere I looked there was pain and suffering, hatred and violence, discontent and man’s inhumanity to man.

One day my body screamed so loud I had to listen.  Crippled with pain and disease I cried tears for the young soul whose innocence had been misused and awakened to the truth that I had taken on false beliefs from a misdirected world.   As tears melted my heart my mind became still.   In silence I heard the voice of the young soul who believed in love, believed in the joy and beauty of life, and experienced myself as a magnificent being.  And it was through silence that I reconnected with my infinite self, merged with the source of creation, and was at peace.

These words are written from my heart to yours, flowing from deep meditation and contemplation.  As you read them take a moment to close your eyes, inhale deeply and connect with the source of love within you.  Allow your breath to flow into the places in your body where you feel unease and listen to what it has to tell you.  Your body is a source of wisdom, the container of your life and ancestral history and if you listen deeply it will reveal itself to you.  As you breathe out connect with your heart, merge with your soul and let go the past.  Feel the love, feel peace, feel oneness with the world, feel your greatness and magnificence, be in the silence….and breathe.

For peace to exist in the world our body-mind must be healed.


Shobhika Moreau is a body psychotherapist, a poet, writer and artist. She is an ex-Streatham resident who was an active member of Yellow Bowl artist collective that exhibited art as part of the Streatham Festival from 2003-2005. Shobhika’s mission is “To Uplift and Inspire Others to See the Greatness in Themselves” and her life purpose is “To Be a Source of Love in the World”.

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