Tuesday 18th : Workshop : How to Change The World – What Can One Person Do?

With John-Paul Flintoff

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Entry: FREE

Venue: Streatham Library


When we look at the big problems in the world, we can feel overwhelmed, and powerless. But even the biggest conflicts can be turned around by the intervention of a few individuals determined to make a difference.
John-Paul Flintoff is a writer with The Sunday Times. Before that, he was an editor on The Financial Times magazine, and as a journalist he has met many people actively involved in creating a safer, happier world. His books include ‘Sew Your Own’ and ‘How To Change The World’. He is a faculty member of the School of Life.

Read John-Paul’s post on the Little Big Peace Event guest blog here.

followed by: In conversation: John-Paul Flintoff talks to #riotcleanup and #wewillgather instigator Dan Thompson
Entry: FREE

#wewillgather is for people who want to get on with making the places they live better for everybody. It lets people create a community action, and once they’ve started that Good Thing it uses Twitter to help gather the people needed to make it happen. The people behind #wewillgather started a mass social movement overnight, called #riotcleanup. That Good Thing helped communities affected by rioting to rebuild, from the street up, and involved hundreds of people and over 90,000 followers on Twitter.

Watch this BBC news story about the launch of #wewillgather

Dan is an artist, writer and recognised expert on the reuse of empty shops, and creating pop up shops; but gained a certain notoriety after starting #riotcleanup. He made The Independent Happy List 2012, the BBC Radio 4 iPM Alternative New Year Honours 2011, received a Team London Award from the Mayor of London, was named in GQ’s 100 Most Influential list and was winner of the Coast Awards 2011 ‘Unsung Hero’ trophy.