THANK YOU to everyone who donated this year and made the 2017 festival possible.

August 2017: We raised £875 with more pledged to come, which means we can definitely go ahead this year. Let’s keep the Peace conversation going xx

September 2016

Peace at School

Once again we are happy to report that a local school took on exploring and expressing Peace. Immanuel & St Andrews CofE primary school made a fantastic visual display of what peace maens to them.  immanuel-school-streatham-peace

September 2015


Lets ask for a Google Doodle!

Peace One Day are asking us all to request a Peace Day Google Doodle. What a great idea. As they point out,  “Google has dedicated its iconic logo to a number of key social movements over the years including International Women’s Day, Earth Day and Nelson Mandela’s 95th Birthday. So for 21 September, why don’t we ask for one for Peace Day?”

They suggest you email Google. Anyone can suggest a Google Doodle by . So for Peace Day why not email Google and ask them to dedicate their doodle on 21 September to peace. Please remember to add your name to the bottom of the draft.

Read the Peace One Day idea here:

Peace Day 2013

On 21 September 2013 Peace One Day will present 24 hours of incredible live content from all around the world. They will be broadcasting celebrations at the Hague, a live concert in Colombia, videos and interviews with musicians, actors and celebrities, documentaries, plus much much more. You can follow all 24 hours below or watch it on the Peace One Day website.


The Future is in our Hands (2012)

Thursday found us back at Streatham Library again listing to a powerful line-up of speakers. MP Chuka Umunna opened the proceedings with a reminder of the important things in life  – identifying with who you are rather than what you own – and the need to stem the flow of gang culture. Then came the ladies of Release the Peace, Margaret Mizen and Grace Idowu, a dignified and moving account of the horrific loss of their own sons to senseless youth on youth violence and their courageous and generous decision to devote the rest of their lives to causing peace. This was followed by a powerful and thought-provoking panel discussion ably chaired by Jonathan Bartley with Wendy Phillips (St Andrews School), Samuel Davies (Lambeth Youth Mayor), MP Chuka Umunna, Cheryl Mendes (Home Office) Celeste Houlker (Live Magazine). Many ideas were shared with ‘early intervention’ coming up time and time again as a viable solution.

photographer: Tim Ridley

Celestial Voices (2012)

Wednesday’s entertainments started at 6pm with a truly inspiring set of performances from local schools who had worked with Outspoken Arts to create performances about peace. Around 150 parents attended St Leonards Church to see their children teach us all how to bring peace into our lives – not a dry eye in the house! Performances were wide-ranging including a set inspired by West Side Story.

Later that evening it was the turn of the grown-ups with two stunning choirs. First on was St Leonards Choir all dressed in long red gowns singing ancient scared songs to sooth the soul. This was followed by the awesome sounds of The London Bulgarian Choir. The audience of 150 people begged for an encore and were treated to a final delight.

photographer: Ray Allen


How to Change the World in 5 Easy Steps (2012)

Last night a packed room enjoyed a wonderful workshop led by Jean Paul Flintoff (Sunday Times writer and author of ‘How to Change the World’. It was thought-provoking, practical, funny, moving and above all inspirational. Feedback was extremely positive with most people realising how they could make a difference in both big and small ways. The workshop wad followed by a fascinating Q+A with Dan Thompson who started a mass social movement literally overnight called #riotcleanup which has now grown into a sort of project crowd-sourcing, open source venture called #wewillgather. We also had a useful conversation about the merits of twitter. Photos to follow!

Many thanks to Streatham Library for donating their space. If you are not already a member of our local library please do consider joining. ‘Use it or lose it’as they say.

Attendees said the best part of the event was:

 “practical examples to inspire my small steps”

“impressive speakers”

“being inspired”

“the message that we can all make a difference” 

“being challenged to think creatively”

posted Weds 19th Sept

Art Malik and Jeremy Gilley wish us well (2012)

On Monday we showed the film The Day After Peace at Streatham Odeon. We were very pleased to open the evening with a welcome from actor and South Londoner, Art Malik. You can watch the 1 minute clip below.  The evening ended with a live Q+A via Skype with Jeremy Gilley, the head of Peace One Day who are working towards a day of global ceasefire. Jeremy emphasised the power of the individual to make a difference and how we can start in our own communities. he also reminded us of the Global Truce for a day of worldwide ceasefire and urged us to spread the word about this remarkable initiative. A wonderful evening which received very high ratings from the audience and an offer from no less than ten people generously offering to help us next year!

posted Weds 19th Sept

Close-Knit Community (2012)

The giant scarf of peace was unravelled tonight outside Streatham Odeon. Knitted and crocheted by The Ninja Knitters, Stitch & Bitch and others it measured around 100 metres long in its full glorious technicolour beauty. Watch this space for more photos:

posted Mon 17th Sept

Special Opportunity TONIGHT at 6pm – calling all Fashionistas, Show-Offs and Fun-Seekers…

Local lovers of knitting and crochet – Ninja Knitters, Stitch & Bitch and others – have created THE LONGEST SCARF IN STREATHAM! Yes its a 100 metre scarf for peace and we want YOU to come and wear it with us. …we are looking for volunteers to join us in our photo-call this Monday 17th, 6pm outside the Odeon. Onlookers also very welcome.

posted Monday Sept 17th

Peace Pilgrim to dine in Streatham after 1,200 mile walk

We have been connecting with Maxim Laithwaite, also known as “The Peace Day Pilgrim”. His mission is to inspire as many people as possible to mark the International Day of Peace and Global Truce 2012, on 21 September, in any way possible. During the summer he has walked 1200 miles, through 5 capital cities, on zero money!

He has relied on the kindness of strangers to supply him with food and shelter and it has worked! So far over 1000 people have helped him! Read more about his journey on

Maxim is returning to London on September 21st and will be meeting the little big peace team for lunch. New Streatham restaurant Beyrouths has kindly offered to sponsor our meal and will be serving their delicious Lebanese food.

Beyrouths opened their doors just over 3 months ago and have delighted Streathamites ever since, with their friendly service and beautiful, fresh food.

posted Monday Sept 17th

Lighting up the World

Twenty children and quite a few adults turned up today for our lantern-making workshop with artist Judith Lawton at Streatham, Library. Feedback from the mums and dads was very positive when we asked, ‘What was the best thing about the workshop?”

“The smile on my child’s face when she finished her lantern”

“Bringing kids together”

“Community feeling”

“Looking around at the children enjoying making the paper lanterns”

“Creating an art activity which allows children the opportunity to take part in the event”

“The happy mood”

“Doing something creative with the kids”

You can see the lanterns on display at St Leonard’s Church this Weds 19th at the In Harmony event.

photo by Tim Ridley

posted Sunday Sept 16th