Peace and Our Early Years

Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan

Social Policy Researcher and Childrens’ Rights Advocate, Christine Morgan shares “some thoughts about what I do and my commitment to  aspirations for peace in the world, starting – as it has to – with peace in our homes and communities”:

My commitment is that we recognise that it starts with how we nurture our children.  Those that are brutalised and abused within their family, through domestic violence, personal abuse or straightforward humiliating and indifferent treatment, long for a solution.

It is fortunate for us that scientific knowledge offers an almost daily diet of valuable information about how the human brain develops and its implication for child development. It offers for us an opportunity to make widely known that the roots of the disturbance within our neighbourhoods, is understood.   We now know that the development of empathy and concern for each other, is dependent upon us receiving this as babies.  Our ability to care for and about each other was developed by people in our early lives showing kindness and understanding towards us.   It is really that simple.

We must act to bring about the understanding and change that we need.  Find more information from:

Christine Morgan 30/8/2011

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