Thoughts on Peace

Johnny Tenn

Renowned Olympic, Executive & Life Coach Johnny Tenn shares his Thoughts on ‘Peace’:

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of ‘Peace’ is this:

‘freedom from or cessation of war’

‘a treaty between two powers at war’

‘freedom from civil disorder’

Peace is what ‘I’ want to exist in the world, and I really struggle with it in many ways, because:

You can’t have:

  • peace without the existence of war
  • black without white
  • hot without cold
  • up without down
  • evil without good
  • love without hate

The moment you take away one side of the coin, the other side would instantaneously, simultaneously disappear! Or would that be a transformation? Would peace actually happen, or is it just a pipe dream?

Enlightened people say “You CAN find heaven on earth right now”.

The whole world, and indeed universe seems to me, to be made up of paradoxes. This really confuses me at times when I think about it.


I am still striving for a peaceful world that works for everyone.



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